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Cookies & Cream is a diverse cannabis hybrid that demonstrates a moreish blend of flavours and fragrances along with well-balanced effects, so lovers of sweet and decadent strains take note. We will examine the genetics, flavour, and growth properties of Cookies & Cream in this article, as well as its perceived effects, advantages, suggested dosages, and negative effects.

Background of cookies and cream’s genetics

Exotic Genetix, a renowned cannabis breeder in Washington State, developed the hybrid cannabis strain Cookies and Cream. Girl Scout Cookies and Starfighter were crossed to produce this powerful and flavorful strain, which has captured the hearts of many cannabis connoisseurs.

Girl Scout Cookies is well recognised for its sweet yet earthy flavour reminiscent of baked goods. It has won its fair share of honours, including the High Times Cannabis Cup. The pure indica strain Starfighter, on the other hand, has a delicious scent and a relaxing physical impact.

Inheriting the greatest qualities from both parent strains, Cookies & Cream produced a strain with a delicious aroma and well-balanced effects, making it a favourite among a variety of cannabis fans.


Cookies and Cream, as its name suggests, has a sweet, creamy flavour with traces of vanilla, nuts, and earth. This is due to a terpene profile with limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene as its main constituents. The aroma of the strain is lemony because to limonene; it has a spicy, peppery flavour thanks to caryophyllene; and it is calming thanks mostly to myrcene.

The THC level in Cookies and Cream, which ranges from 20% to 25%, makes it a relatively strong strain. The high has several different impacts, including uplifting and calming ones. After a few hits, a burst of intellectual effect that boosts creativity and elevates mood takes control, followed by a physically calming sensation as you continue to use. This strain works best in moderate dosages as a midday pick-me-up; in bigger quantities, a cheerful stoned feeling makes it the ideal nightcap.


Cookies and Cream is believed to have a number of distinct advantages, such as stress reduction, pain alleviation, appetite stimulation, and better sleep. While the strain’s analgesic qualities may be helpful in controlling chronic pain, its calming effects may assist to lessen the impact of stress and anxiety. Additionally, Cookies and Cream can increase appetite, making it suitable for those whose medical conditions have caused them to lose their appetite.


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